Salon Policy

  • With the exception of publicly announced walk-in days, Queens Salon is an appointment only salon. 

  • Clients must be at least 16-years-old. 

  • Children and additional guests are not allowed. 

  • When booking your appointment, you will need to add all services. Booking one service and adding extras in the notes section does not allow the software to block off adequate time for your appointment, leaving no room to complete the extra services. 

  • When booking color, you must book the color AND the silk press. The silk press is a separate service, not included with the color. 

  • When looking to book a weekend appointment, note the “S” you are looking at is for Sunday, not Saturday. We are closed on Saturdays. 

  • Please arrive with your hair free of braids, twists, and tangles to avoid a detangling fee.