How can I book a consultation?

In-person consultations are not offered. If you have a quick question or concern, simply email info@thequeenssalon.com. Please note services that are not listed on the Styleseat menu are not offered.

Do you take walk-ins?

With the exception of sporadic publicly announced specials, we are an appointment only salon.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Make sure your hair is free of braids, twists, and extensions. Detangle, detangle, detangle. If your hair is not thoroughly detangled and ready to be serviced, your appointment will be cancelled.

Can I book an appointment for my daughter?

If your daughter is 16 or older, absolutely!

I don't like using apps. Can I book via email, call, or text?

To maintain order, allow for adequate sanitizing between guests, and prevent double booking, we require booking and cancelling through Styleseat.